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What are Objective Test Questions?

Objective tests require a user to choose or provide a response to a question whose correct answer is predetermined. Such a question might require a student to :

  • select a solution from a set of choices (MCQ, true-false, matching)
  • identify an object or position (graphical hotspot) or
  • supply brief numeric or text responses (text input)

Because the correct answers to objective test questions are pre-determined, they are well suited to the many forms of CAA that involve automated marking. The electronic marking of the responses is completely non-subjective as no judgement has to be made on the correctness or otherwise of an answer at the time of marking. However, it is worth noting that in terms of in-built bias, an objective test is only as objective as the test's designer makes it. The tutorial below offers an introduction to a selection of question types in popular use with advice on construction and best practice. As the question type most commonly associated with CAA is multiple choice, particular emphasis has been given to this and should be viewed first. The principles detailed within that section should however, be of use when considering other types.

  1. Multiple Choice Items

  2. Extending Multiple Choice Items

  3. Assertion-Reason

  4. Multiple Response

  5. Matching

  6. True/False

  7. Text/Numerical

  8. Ranking

  9. Graphical hotspot

  10. Sore Finger

  11. Field Simulation

  12. Sequencing

  13. References


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