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The Bluepaper series was developed to focus upon a CAA related issue in more depth than previously allowed.

Each paper is available for free download but should not be stored or distributed electronically as outlined within the copyright statments.

Bluepaper 1: Principles of Assessment by Mhairi McAlpine

This paper reviews the context and tensions within educational assessment and refreshes memory of the purposes of assessment.

PDF Download Bluepaper 1 as PDF File (586K)

Bluepaper 2: A Summary of Methods of Item Analysis by Mhairi McAlpine

Item analysis is a method of guaging the quality of an examination by looking at its constituent parts (items). The primary purpose of most examinations in higher education is that of a measurement tool, for assessing the achievements of the examination candidates, and thus how future learning can be supported and directed. This paper details the methods of item analysis for this purpose, and also considers how they might be used for the wider functions given above.

PDF Download Bluepaper 2 as PDF File (11514K)

Bluepaper 3: Design Requirements of a Databank by Mhairi McAlpine

This Bluepaper gives an insight into some of the concerns and considerations that must be taken into account when desgining an item banking system.

PDF Download Bluepaper 3 as PDF File (10526K)

Bluepaper 4: Results of the CAA National Survey
by Colleen McKenna, Pauline Loewenberger, Joanna Bull

This Bluepaper details the CAA Centre National Survey of 1999 which investigated the use and support of CAA in UK Higher Education. The broad findings of the quantitative and qualitative research are outlined along with the methodology and scope.

Delayed - Blue Paper 4 will be available week beginning 1/12/03 - apologies from the authors.

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