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CAA Centre Member Presentations


Whittington, D., 'Effective use of the WWW in the teaching of computing', University of Keele and the CTI Computing Centre.

March 1999

Bull, J. and McKenna, C., 'Computer-assisted assessment', Using C & IT in Education, LTDI/Talisman conference - Strathclyde Graduate Business School.

June 1999

Bull, J., 'Implementing Computer-based Assessment Systems', Learning Technology Support Group, University of Bristol.

McKenna, C., 'Using computers in assessment', Learning and Teaching Innovation and Development, University of North London.

July 1999

Bull, J., 'Computer-assisted assessment: strategies and issues for institutional implementation', The Physiological Society AGM, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

September 1999

Bull, J. and McKenna, C., 'Computer-assisted assessment centre national survey: current practice in UK HE', at ALT-C, Bristol University.

Whittington, D. and Brickley, D., 'The IMS Question and Test, Interoperability Standard', at ALT-C, University of Bristol.

Bull, J., McKenna, C., Stephens, D. and Whittington, D., 'Putting Technology on Trial', at ALT-C, University of Bristol.

November 1999

McKenna, C. 'Designing Effective Objective Test Questions', Huddersfield University, November, 1999.

Invited Presentations


Bull, J., 'The implementation of a university-wide computer-based assessment system', Flexible Learning in Physics, Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University, two-day international conference.

Bull, J., 'The potential of computer-assisted assessment for reducing your workload', Using PCs to Reduce your Teaching and Assessment Workload, University of Wales Swansea and Swansea Institute of Higher Education, one-day conference.


Bull, J, 'Using technology for assessment', It's a Kind of Magic, Learning Technology workshop, University of Hertfordshire.

Whittington, D, 'Virtual Universities and Assessment', presentation at IT Inspiration Day, Lund University, Sweden. (February)

Bull, J., 'Computer-assisted assessment: efficiency and pedagogy', (keynote address), Believe IT or not 2-day conference - KTH Stockholm. (April)

Bull, J, 'Computer-aided assessment workshop', From the Margin to the Mainstream: Exploiting New Technologies for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, British Council conference. (May)

Bull, J. 'Computer-assisted Assessment in Higher Education', Computer-assisted Assessment Conference, November, 1999, University of Northumbria

Bull, J. Virtual conference facilitator, 'RGU Year of Assessment Conference', Robert Gordon University.


McKenna, C. 'Discussion session on Computer-assisted Assessment', TALENT Conference, University of Leicester. (March)

Bull, J. 'CAA: Implications for Institutional Implementation', University of Huddersfield. (May)

McKenna, C. 'Computer-assisted Assessment: practical issues and current activities', Keynote presentation at Computer-assisted Information Day, Dublin Institute of Technology. (May)

Bull, J. 'Implementing Computer-based Assessment: a case study', Innovations in Computer-based Assessment, City and Guilds, London. (March)

Bull, J. 'Computer-based Assessment: Friend or Foe?' University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Advisory Council for New Technologies in Assessment.


Bull, J. 'Computer-assisted Assessment: Promise and problems' Computer-aided Assessment: Now or in the future?, Henley Management College Conference (keynote)

Bull, J. and Collins, C. (2001) 'Ways of using technology to assess higher order skills: a comparison of objective and subjective assessment techniques and the implications for teaching and learning.', ALTC-2001, Edinburgh.

Danson, M. and Hilton, A. (2001) 'Managing Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) with an emerging Managed Learning Environment (MLE)', ALTC-2001, Edinburgh.

Hesketh, I and Martin, N. (2001) 'Betsie and Bobby go the Virtual University', ALTC-2001, Edinburgh.

Martin, P. and Hesketh, I. (2001) 'Have you considered this form of dissemination?' NCT Conference, UMIST.

Bull, J., Keynote, LTSN Computer Science, University of Warwick.


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