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This page provides information on the main outcomes of the CAA Centre.

National Survey

A national survey was conducted in 1999. The survey was a comprehensive evaluation of the level of current activity in CAA across the UK higher education sector. It helped to identify good practice as well providing an insight into the attitudes towards and perceptions of CAA. The survey consisted of a quantitative questionnaire, distributed widely to four key groups, interviews with individuals and focus groups at selected institutions.

Several papers were presented at conferences detailing the results of the survey.

Blueprint for Computer-assisted Assessment

The 'Blueprint for Computer-assisted Assessment' is a comprehensive document addressing the pedagogical, operational, technological and strategic issues faced by those adopting CAA. The Blueprint provides a wealth of research based good practice and a range of models and guidelines for the strategic implementation of CAA within departments, faculties and institutions. It can also be used to support a range of staff development and training materials.

For more information see the Blueprint section.

Staff Development Materials

The Centre facilitated over 40 staff development workshops during it's three year life. A wide range of topics were addressed including:

  • Introduction to Computer-assisted Assessment
  • Designing and Using Objective Tests (Introductory and Advanced)
  • Institutional Implementation of CAA
  • Evaluation of CAA

Further details of the workshops can be found in the list of workshops. An example of one of the Centres PowerPoint presentations used in the workshops can also be viewed online.

An online tutorial in designing objective test items was created. See the Resources Section.

International CAA Conference

During the life of the project, the International Computer-assisted Assessment Conference organised by consortium members at Loughborough University gained widespread recognition and more than doubled in size. For more details on the Conferences see:


CAA centre members gave over 60 presentations during the life of the project. For further details see our presentations list.


The CAA Centre distributed a peridioc newsletter in electronic format, which proved very popular with the CAA community - over 2700 downloads per copy! Back copies of the newsletter can be found here.


The CAA Centre website attracted approximately 2500 vistors per month throughout the life of the project.

Project Reports

Final Report 2001

Annual Report 2000

Annual Report 1999


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