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Project Members and Background

The CAA Centre project was a consortium of four institutions who contributed the following specialisms to the project:

University of Luton (lead site) - expertise in running PC-based summative CAA examinations. Approximately 6,000 students per year are tested using CAA at Luton. (Institutional contacts: Project manager: Dr Joanna Bull, Project Officer: Ian Hesketh. For further information contact*

Glasgow University - extensive knowledge of web-based assessment and involvement in the Clyde Virtual University. (Institutional contact: Dr Dave Whittington)

Loughborough University - experience in optical mark reader (OMR) assessment. Approximately 5,000 tests were administered by OMR last academic year. (Institutional contacts: Myles Danson, Bryan Dawson, Derek Stephens)

Oxford Brookes University - expertise in staff development. Oxford Brookes piloted and evaluated many of the models of CAA implementation that were constructed by the project. (Institutional contacts: Chris Rust, Sandy Meredith)

*The institutional contacts are provided as an indicatior of participants at the closure of the project. It would be remiss not to acknowledge the stirling contributions by former project colleagues Dr Colleen McKenna and Mr Richard Francis.

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